The popularity of outdoor fireplaces is not surprising; we have been drawn to fire since the moment we discovered it, around 420 million years ago. Fire represents the heart of the home, and it is no different when we gather in nature. Sitting around a fireplace in the great outdoors creates a welcoming and intimate atmosphere. Nothing creates a more inviting atmosphere than a fireplace, conveying warmth and companionship.

Here are 6 Outdoor Gas Fireplace Safety Tips you can follow to protect both your loved ones and your property from any risky business.

  • Clean & service your outdoor fireplace regularly,
  • Make sure to inspect your unit before each use,
  • Keep flammable materials, unsupervised kids and pets 3ft from your fireplace,
  • Never leave a fire unattended
  • Always use a fireplace safety screen
  • Keep a dry-chemical fire extinguisher (class B or C or multipurpose) stored in an easily accessible place nearby.

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